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If f(x) is continuous on the interval [a,b] and c exists between f(b) and f(a), then there exists a k such that f(c)=k.
Absolute value of the derivative of position
What two conditions must be met for the Mean Value Theorem?
What additional condition must be met for Rolle’s Theorem?
Lim x-> (+ or – infinity) f(x)=a
Derivative of csc(x)
Second derivative of position
y=f(n)+f’(x)(x+n) (n means x nought)
Lim x-> 0 (cos(x)-1)/x
Lim x-> a f(x)=infinity
Use linear approximation to estimate (340)^(1/3) to 5 decimal places
Find the derivative of f(x)=|x-3|
Find the extrema of f(x)=3x^4 + x^2 +7
Find y’ of 6y^2 – 3xy^2 + 4x^3 = 7x +2
Derivative of 4x^2/(x-2)^(1/2)

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