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Episode of DeathNameCause of Death
4Bleeds to death from shotgun wound
6Impaled by harpoon
N/ASurvivor, kidnapped on the island
12Impaled by memo-holder
8Profuse bleeding
1Hit by ship propeller
8Shot by arrows
2Burnt to death
N/ASurvivor, former fisherman
13Stabbed in the back
7Chopped & thrown into furnace
9Cut in two
Episode of DeathNameCause of Death
11'Crucified' in Cannery
12Stabbed in the side
11Stabbed in throat
9Stabbed in the back
13Stabbed with boarding knife
11Throws herself off a bridge
5Split in two
1Cut in half
2Hung, apparent suicide
N/ASurvivor, loses father and sister
N/ASurvivor, daughter of Sheriff
13 Stabbed
3A shooting

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