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How many forts were built on Fort Day?
Someone besides Tyler or Lana who lived here
Single greatest victim of the blanket fort
Language of refrigerator magnets
What did Brute Strength Tyler break with her fist?
Name of ghost
What can you not compare latkes to?
Scary/loveable management lady
What color is the picture of the dog?
Candy is found where?
How many fetuses are there?
First good baked in the apartment
Phrase above the TV
Sudden and new addition to the back door
What's the nationality of all the people who work here?
The infamous tumblr
What did we find on TV that one time?
Candy found on the tree
What's our catchphrase?
First movie watched in the apartment
How do you have to turn the knob to get out of the bathroom?
Who's allowed to shave here?
What's on Thursday night?
What's on Sunday morning?
Extra mood added to refrigerator mood board

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