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I hate this f****n' movie. It just these twelve dudes talking for like...two hours, man!1957
Some dude has a dream but it's, like, three dreams. You know? I didn't get it, but that's just my opinion, man.2010
This dude gets his wife kidnapped so he hires these, these...guys to do it, man. And one of 'em is...hey that's Donny! Look out, Donny, he's gonna put you in a wood chipper!1996
In the future, none of the chicks in the world can get knocked up. But then...uh, uh, this girl gets knocked up! And she has a baby, and...I guess that's it.2006
This dude is like a tard or something, and he really likes chocolate. I don't know, man, but he's like a human...paraquat!1994
This alien, thing, lands on Earth, man. And he really wants to buy a home phone or somethin' man. He really tied the room together.1982
These two midgets are like gay for each other, but not really. And they have this ring, and then they get saved by the eagles, man. I hate the f****n' eagles,man.2003
Well, man. There was the thing on the guys face, know, it jumped out of his stomach!1979
Uhh, there are two guys. The two dudes both like dudes and, you know, they're on a..a..a mountain.2005
There's these guys and one of 'em is a lion. There's this...girl, man, and she's got this dog, and a scarecrow and a dude made out of metal. Then they get gifts from, Dr. Oz.1939
Some old guy really likes, well, balloons. So he and this Chinaman get the house to fly. And there's a dog that can...uh, talk. 2009
So, there's this boat. And it like a really big boat. And then, sinks, man.1997
This kid gets a sword made out of, like, light. And he and this dude and his sister and this dog...thing, try to kill this guy named Garth. Or Darth. Whatever.1977
This...nun, lady, has to take care of like ten kids. What a bummer! And then, the kids like to sing, and they suck so much that they, uh...get kidnapped by like...nihilists!1965

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