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what is the movement of electric charges called?magnetic current, electric current, series circut
What energy does a bike use?nuclear, mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical
is wood an isulator?yes, no, sometimes
Can energy be created?yes, no, sometimes, maybe
can charges be created?yes, no, sometimes, maybe
is rubber a conductor?yes, no, sometimes
How do two negative charges react when they are brought close together?attract, repel
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does a battery separate positive and negative charges, or fuse them together?unite, separate, does nothing
An object beceomes positively charged when it loses what?protons, electrons, neutrons
What energy does a magnet use?nuclear, mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical
how many paths does a series circut have?NUMBERS!
Who created the first voltaic battery?James Volt, Alessandro Volta, Alexei Voltorov
What energy does a plant use?nuclear, mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical

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