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Who created the first voltaic battery?James Volt, Alessandro Volta, Alexei Voltorov
can charges be created?yes, no, sometimes, maybe
what is the movement of electric charges called?magnetic current, electric current, series circut
What energy does a magnet use?nuclear, mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical
how many paths does a series circut have?NUMBERS!
An object beceomes positively charged when it loses what?protons, electrons, neutrons
is rubber a conductor?yes, no, sometimes
QuestionAnswerAnswer Choices
does a battery separate positive and negative charges, or fuse them together?unite, separate, does nothing
What energy does a plant use?nuclear, mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical
How do two negative charges react when they are brought close together?attract, repel
Can energy be created?yes, no, sometimes, maybe
is wood an isulator?yes, no, sometimes
What energy does a bike use?nuclear, mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical

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