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Examined a telegraph cable. Was unimpressed
Several sheep, a cow and a goat
Tacit knowledge; Lawrence
Natural vs judicial
De magnete
'Are Big Machines Necessary?' (CERN closing down other experiments)
Trying very hard not to look like a factory
Treating infertility in MA, met Pincus in 1952
Grand Cross of the Red Eagle
Philosopher's stone
Novum Organum
Private company w/links to military radio technology and scientists
1947 report implicating race in Sickle Cell's aetiology
Pure culture and petri dishes
Tissue concept
Coffee shops. Less dangerous than talking politics or religion
House arrest
3 classes..1st for science
Simultaneous efflux and influx of a subtle matter
Colbert + Louis XIV
Glass receiver; air pump
De revolutionibus
So Prince Leopold could experiment
Germ of laziness
Taking a barometer for a walk
Electrified kisses and monks
Imperial College of Engineering in Tokyo
Free market german learning ideal
Polonium. Private company
Popularised percussion
Natural vs demonic
£100,000 from Macdonald for Radium
Metal receiver; air pump
Nurse, jailed for distributing contraception
Established the UK's first lab programme
27,00 acres, $4-6B --> $12B
Bismark brown
An introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine
Won a prize beating corpusculians for diffraction in 1817
670 square miles
Technical and physical
Bellevue/John Hopkins. Ludwig
Coined the term 'sickle cell'
Buildings for precision measurement
Electricity in terms of excess and deficiency
De humani
HCl, showing flaws in L's oxygene theory
315000 marks for a residence
6.2 to 2.3, 1860 to 1920
Cicero >>>barbaric medieval Latin dressing up Aristotelian metaphysics
Electrified vegetables
Pliny's Natural History
'The holder of this chair shall not practice medicine'
Found Bernaud's lab disappointing. Went to Ludwig
1 July 1945 deadline
Electrophoresis (Rockerfeller/venous/talking to a haemotologist)
Batavia, $250M, 1974
Belonged to the Cavendish family
Dynasty included Schwann, von Helmholtz, Henle. Reductionism
E Darwin, Pristley, Wedgewood, Watt
Replaced von Helmholtz
Mechanique Celeste. Finishing Newton's project
Marquess of Monticelli / Library / Publications
Self-sustaining chain reaction
80% of american women born since 1945 have used this
Insisted on keeping menstrual cycles at 28 days
Combine harvesters, MIT, $50,000
Christmas Day Rescue!
101 days in a glass pelican. An accountant
Questioned racial correlation of sickle cell in 1927
Electricity but no sparks
No salary per se but were allowed to research/teach
Standardisation, no university training
Gold foil / alpha particles / the nucleus
Siderius Nuncius
Most famous physiologist in the world; struggled with space/money and equipment
Parthenogenic rabbit, endocrinologist
Tattoo on the patients' foreheads. Very much still a stigma
Vitreous vs resinous
De sedibus et causi morborum
'calling; vocation; known employment'
'Is Big Science ruining science?' (Science/$/human benefit)
Rolled a ball down a surface 'countless times'
King of Brazil and Joseph Meister
Whirlpool galaxies, 7ft diameter
The earth is one big living magnet!
Tutor to the Earl of Northumberland
Observed moons of jupiter first…
Atomic traitor
Berthollet's country home…trickle down money
Sickling test
A corresponding Jesuit
Pet philosopher..attacked Royal Soc
86,000 tonnes of silver. 5th largest city in TN
'The only real qualities are shape and motion, all others are secondary'
Isolated cholera
Dairy farmer and physicist. Modernisation
Geometry/Ballistics/'New science'
Dr Argent, Charles, Royal Doe

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