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Koch announces Tuberculin
The Leviathan of Parsontown
Pill approved for use treating menstrual irregularities
USA H bomb
von Guericke generates artificial electricity
Auenbrugger invents percussion
Lavoisier places a theory on combustion in a sealed note
Gray publishes an account of 'electric virtue' in Phil Trans
Ayrton --> Imperial College of Engineering, Toyko
Pill approved for use as a contraceptive
Fourcroy 'read little, see much, do much'
Johnson publishes his dictionary
Bacon's Novum Organum printed
Accademia dei Lincei founded
AGE of Magendie when he gets to be chair of something
Koch isolates TB
Vesalius's De humani printed
Academie Royale founded
Laennec invents the stethoscope
Accademia dei Cimento founded
The Reichsanstalt is founded
Galileo's Siderius Nuncius printed
Liebig sets up an institute in Giessen aged 21
John Lawrence criticises racial aetiology of SCA
Whewell coins the term scientist
Herrick coins the term 'sickle cell'
Gilbert's De magnete printed
CERN established
Huxley's comment about the taxi home
NATO established
The Cavendish lab opens
Pauling's electrophoresis test
von Guericke invents the air pump
The first transatlantic telegraph cable is lain
Thomson establishes the UK's first physics teaching lab
Royal Society sort of founded
Institut de France founded
Koch identifies anthrax particles
The Franco-German War
'That' JAMA report
Fermi creates a self sustaining chain reaction
Alexander von Humboldt moves from Paris to Berlin
Copernicus's De revolutionibus printed
Academie Royale disbanded
Kapitza's lab opened by the PM
Foster --> Chair of Physiology Cambridge
SSC cancelled
Science is 10% of the Federal Budget by this time
UK H bomb
John Hopkins University is founded
USSR H bomb
Rutherford arrives at the Cavendish
Bureau de Commerce disbanded
Napoleon came to power
Battle of Waterloo

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