A Walk's as Good as a Hit (Part II)

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Can you name the player from each group who reached base the most times in his career??

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Which Robinson? A) Brooks B) Frank C) Jackie D) Wilbert
Which Williams? A) Bernie B) Billy C) Cy D) Ted
Which Bell? A) Buddy B) Derek C) George D) Jay
Which Alou? A) Felipe B) Jesus C) Matty D) Moises
Which Bobby? A) Abreu B) Bonds C) Bonilla D) Grich
Which Larry? A) Bowa B) Doby C) Parrish D) Walker
Which Luis? A) Aparicio B) Castillo C) Gonzalez D) Polonia
Which Mark? A) Belanger B) Grace C) McGwire D) Texeira
Which Tony? A) Fernandez B) Oliva C) Perez D) Phillips
Which Johnny? A) Bench B) Damon C) Mize D) Pesky
Which Ken/Kenny? A) Caminiti B) Griffey Jr. C) Lofton D) Singleton
Which Jose? A) Canseco B) Cruz Jr. C) Cruz Sr. D) Vidro
Which Dave/David? A) Justice B) Ortiz C) Parker D) Winfield
Which Juan? A) Encarnacion B) Gonzalez C) Pierre D) Samuel
Which Eddie? A) Collins B) Mathews C) Murray D) Yost
Which Carlos? A) Beltran B) Delgado C) Guillen D) Lee
Which Joe? A) Carter B) Dimaggio C) Medwick D) Torre
Which Eric? A) Chavez B) Davis C) Karros D) Young
Which Jeff? A) Bagwell B) Cirillo C) Conine D) Kent
Which Willie? A) Keeler B) Mays C) McCovey D) Stargell

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