Super Paper Mario Bosses

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Can you name the bosses that appeared in Super Paper Mario?

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World & StageBoss
Yold Desert 1-3
Yold Ruins 1-4 Boss
Merlee's Basement 2-4 Boss
Tile Pool 3-2
Dotwood Tree 3-3
Fort Francis 3-4 Boss
Whoa Zone 4-4
Whoa Zone 4-4 Boss
Gap of Crag 5-2
Floro Caverns 5-4
World & StageBoss
Floro Caverns 5-4 Boss
Sammer's Early Duels 6-2
World of Nothing 6-1 Boss
Underwhere Road 7-2
Underwhere Road 7-2
The Overthere 7-4 Boss
Castle Bleck Entry 8-1
Castle Bleck Foyer 8-2
Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum 8-4
Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum 8-4 Final Boss

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