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How to Play Forced Order
Loved a 200+ year old man with a vengance'Heaven? Hell? I slit his throat.'
Secretary'Creatures of the night, unite?'
Now dead lawyer boss'No, not a ghost either. It's just me. Dead me.'
Will accept any kind of money'It'll wash.'
A broken man who accepts help from a demon'And is this the part of the tale where the demon offers the broken man a chance to change all that?'
Gets fed on and killed by Angel'My blood is filled with their ancient power.'
Her father tried to kill her'You were too good an Angel!'
Informant'Hey, I don't go sellin' out my pals. How much you gonna pay?'
Quirky warrior/champion'Pomegranate mist is the wrong color for this room.'
Shocking character'What are you, Lex Luthor?'
First introduced as a prison guard'I'm not really instilling any awe anymore, am I?'
Gets decapitated'Are you actually telling me that you went over my head?'
Runs from the law, goes to jail, busts out'Murder two, twenty-five to life, for the record.'
Millionaire'Are you familiar with Dungeons & Dragons?'
Help the gang kill some demons (bus!)'Did I get it?!'

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