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'Why is the devil sleepy?' - Fred
'That was a signal, OK? Is that clear enough for you?' - Fred
'Speaking of saliva, where is Cordelia?' - Wesley
'Actually, that's *uncle* filthy deamon to you,' - Lorne
'Did I do something to displease you?' - Drusilla
'You really think you'd be able to get your booty out the front door?' - Gunn
'Here's a drink, but it's very far away.' - Spike
Whoever heard of a vampire out to make a buck, right?' - Harlan
'If Angel hadn't gotten me out of the way, you'd all be laughing in the morgue right now.' - Fred
'You're my friend. I know. I'm not stupid.' - Angel
'I am totally drunk-faced.' - Fred
'Besides, my Wesley made sure I'd be spared, just in case.' - Lilah
'God, I love food.' - Angel
QuoteEpisode name
'Should you continue to harass our client, we will be forced to bring you into the light of day.' - Lindsey
'These guys are tight, and I am trippin' out!' - Gunn
'It's Mountain Dew.' - Spike
'It'll wash.' - Anne
She gives no care about words. Word magic!' - Demon
'...lady, the bitch is back.' - Cordelia
'Is that it? Am I done?' - Doyle
'Green is my favorite color. I look good in diamonds. And I love riding in limousines.' - Lilah
'Watch his tentacles!' - Angel
'You drop by for a cup of coffee, and the world's not ending? Please.' - Connor
'My teeth are so big! pleasant.' - Cordelia
'If you kill him, I'm gonna lose you.' - Gunn

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