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Angel finds a new friend and an old one.Season 1
Introduction of Kate.Season 1
Oz visits with a ring for Angel.Season 1
Surgeon with detachable body parts.Season 1
Cordelia finds a new home.Season 1
Cops take a magic seminar.Season 1
Doyle's wife and her fiancee.Season 1
Buffy guest stars (but how long is she there?)Season 1
Doyle's last hoorah.Season 1
Cordelia has her first vision.Season 1
Kate learns Angel is a vampire.Season 1
Cordelia is pregnant.Season 1
War of the sexes.Season 1
A boy is possessed by a demon.Season 1
Kate's dad involved in drug ring & the 'birth' of Angelus.Season 1
Angel is captured and forced to fight other demons.Season 1
Actress Rebecca Lowell is interested in Angel.Season 1
Faith is hired to kill AngelSeason 1
Angel helps Faith find redemption.Season 1
Introduction of Charles Gunn.Season 1
Angel teams up with Lindsey to help blind children.Season 1
Lindsey looses his hand.Season 1
Introduction of Lorne/The Host.Season 2
Angel Investigations moves into the hotel.Season 2
Cordelia tries to save Gunn.Season 2
Telekinetic girl staying with Lilah.Season 2
Angel tracks down Darla (while awake).Season 2
Wesley poses as AngelSeason 2
Flashbacks reveal the 'birth' of Darla.Season 2
Angel and Gunn go a-thieving.Season 2
Angel jumps through hoops for Darla.Season 2
Angel fires the gang.Season 2
Darla and Drusilla try to build an army. Things get heated.Season 2
Anne is caught between Wolfram & Hart and Angel.Season 2
Local grad student attempts to stop time.Season 2
Zombie cops causing trouble. Wesley is shot.Season 2
Wolfram & Hart 75-year review.Season 2
Angel tries to reconcile with the gang.Season 2
Harmony visits L.A. and is staying with Cordelia.Season 2
Lindsey has an evil hand.Season 2
Lorne's/The Host's cousin stumbles into L.A. through a portal.Season 2
Introduction of Fred.Season 2
Introduction of The Groosalugg.Season 2
Trouble in Pylea. The gang goes home.Season 2
Angel misses Buffy, but feels guilt about moving on.Season 3
Cordelia's visions have physical manifestations.Season 3
Gunn's old friends shoot up Lorne's club.Season 3
An old man does a body-switch with Angel.Season 3
Mr. & Mrs. Burkle come to take Fred home.Season 3
Wesley and Gunn try to kill Fred. Lilah saves the day.Season 3
The gang tries to figues out how Darla is pregnant.Season 3
Holtz pays Angel a visit.Season 3
Darla goes into labor.Season 3
The gang has to protect the baby. Angel is very possessive.Season 3
Cordelia has the chance to choose between fame and helping Angel.Season 3
A group of demons want Fred's smart head.Season 3
The gang goes to the ballet.Season 3
Angel is jealous of Groo.Season 3
Wesley tries to disprove a prophecy.Season 3
Wesley takes Connor and his throat is cut.Season 3
Angel tries to find Connor.Season 3
A demon comes to collect Gunn's soul.Season 3
The gang fights off thirsty slugs. Connor comes back.Season 3
Angel tracks Connor in L.A.Season 3
Holtz's final revenge agains Angel.Season 3
Groo leaves. Cordelia and Angel try to meet, but neither make it.Season 3
Wesley rescues Angel.Season 4
Introduction of Gwen.Season 4
They finally go to Vegas. Cordelia returns.Season 4
Cordelia has no memory and stays with Connor.Season 4
Fred discovers who sent her to Pylea.Season 4
Memory spell goes bad. The gang regresses to age 17.Season 4
Introduction of the Beast.Season 4
The Beast attacks Wolfram & Hart.Season 4
Gwen returns and helps the gang (unsuccessfully) protect the Beast's next victim.Season 4
This episode is the epitome of Joss Whedon. What a jerk/genius.Season 4
The gang attempts to get information from Angelus.Season 4
Angelus gets out of his cage and Cordelia takes out Lilah.Season 4
Faith comes to L.A. to help the gang. Cordelia is pregnant...again.Season 4
Faith and Wesley attempt to capture Angelus.Season 4
Faith and Angelus travel through Angel's past life.Season 4
Gwen returns again and teams up with Gunn to steal LISA.Season 4
Introduction of Jasmine.Season 4
Fred is the first of the gang to see the other face of Jasmine.Season 4
Fred is on the run from Jasmine's followers.Season 4
The gang's spell is broken and they are being hunted by Jasmine's followers.Season 4
Jasmie's demise.Season 4
The gang gets an offer of a lifetime. Just, not Lilah's.Season 4
Adjusting to new offices and rules. Return of Spike.Season 5
Spike helps Angel get rid of a necromancing client.Season 5
Introduction of Nina.Season 5
In attempts to re-corporealize Spike, they capture 'The Reaper'.Season 5
Wolfram & Hart's Halloween bash.Season 5
The story behind the mail guy's Mexican wrestling past.Season 5
Wesley's father comes to visit.Season 5
Spike becomes corporeal again. Angel and spike 'Dewk' it out.Season 5
Day in the 'life' of Harmony.Season 5
Spike teams up with Lindsey. Angel hallucinates.Season 5
A slayer takes her revenge of Spike.Season 5
Cordelia wakes to help Angel get back on his path.Season 5
Flashback (1943) to Angel and Spike on a submarine during the war.Season 5
'Self esteem is for everybody.' Angel has little hands.Season 5
Fred gets sick. Introduction of Illyria.Season 5
The gang tries to stop Illyria.Season 5
The gang rescues Lindsey and looses Gunn.Season 5
Connor returns and memories are restored.Season 5
Illyria has a dangerous physical breakdown.Season 5
Angel and Spike travel to Rome to save Buffy. Season 5
Angel attempts to infiltrate the Circle of the Black Thorn.Season 5
The final episode.Season 5

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