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Famous SceneJames Bond Film
Bond drives a tank through St Petersburg
Bond uses crocodiles as stepping stones
Honey Ryder comes out of the sea in that bikini
James Bond comes out of the sea in those swimming shorts
Bond is tied down and threatened with a laser
Margaret Thatcher is on the phone
Bond's wife is murdered
Bond escapes using a moon buggy
Bond defuses a nuclear warhead whilst dressed as a clown
Bond uses his mobile phone to control his car
Bond is attacked by poisoned tipped shoes
Famous SceneJames Bond Film
Bond completes a 360 degrees twisting car jump
Bond uses Little Nellie
Bond uses a cello case as a sledge
Jaws gets a girlfriend
Bond fences with a music star
Bonds sports car turns into a submarine
Bond destroys an entire hotel in Bolivia
Bond is involved in a speedboat chase along the River Thames
Bond escapes a chateau using a rocket belt
Bond is suspended from a hot air balloon and crashes into the Golden Gate Bridge
Bond evades a missile whilst driving a tanker lorry with some fancy driving

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