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Enzyme that produces PIP3, actvated by GPCR and RTK
Kinase, activated by cAMP+regulatory subunit in Epinephrine cAMP pathway
2nd messenger, activated by adenylate cyclase, targets PKA or AMP
Enzyme that produces cAMP
2nd messenger, activated by PIP2 + PI3K
Kinase, growth factor activated protein cascade
Heterotrimeric, activates PLC-β in membrane lipid cascade
Receptor, adds phosphates to tyrosines, activates PLC-ɣ and PI3K
Receptor, activates G proteins
Kinase, activated by PIP3 in PIP2 Pathway
Kinase, activated by Ca2+ calmodulin complex in membrane lipid cascade
Enzyme that produces IP3, activated by Gqα
2nd messenger, activated by PIP2, activates PKC
2nd messenger, interacts with proteins, forms calmodulin complex which activates CAMK
Momomeric, activated by GTP, activates MAPKKK
Kinase, activated by DAG in membrane lipid cascade
Heterotrimeric, alpha subunit inhibits adenylate cyclase
Heterotrimeric, alpha subunit activates adenylate cyclase
2nd messenger, activated by PIP2, binds CA2+ channels on ER
Enzyme that produces IP3, activated by RTK

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