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Case DescriptionCase Name
Burning the flag protected as a form of symbolic speech
Constitution protects individual privacy in matters of contraceptives between married people
Any arbitrary gender-based classification violated equal protection clause
Internment of Japanese Americans during WWII declared constitutional
Accused must be read their rights by officers
Right to assemble peacefully protected by 1st Amendment
Forcing students to recite a prayer in school declared unconstitutional
Articles cannot be sued for libel unless made with malicious and reckless disregard for the truth
Upheld the Necessary and Proper Clause
Overturned 'separate but equal' and required integration to begin amongst public schools
Federal government has power to regulate interstate commerce
Slaves are not considered citizens and don't have the power to sue
Case DescriptionCase Name
Established judicial review
Jim Crows laws not unconstitutional, separate but equal treatment
One person, one vote; district lines cannot be drawn according to race
Illegally obtained evidence cannot be used to convict a suspect
Speech posing a clear and present danger not protected under constituion
Freedom of the press protected under constitution, states cannot exercise prior restraint
State university cannot admit less qualified individuals based solely on race
Death penalty upheld and declared constitutional
Restricting abortion declared unconstitutional as it restricts womens' right to choose
Wearing armbands was akin to pure speech and therefore protected under the 1st Amendment
Government must provide free counsel to the accused

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