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Famous Holocaust victim who kept a journal
Drew cartoons of complicated machines to perform simple tasks
Won an academy award for 'Little Miss Sunshine', also spent a good deal of the movie in the trunk
E=mc^2, worked on nuclear bomb...
Famous escape artist
Writer/editor of Marvel comics
Came up with the most widely known atom model
He could be known as 'The Piano Man'
Voice actor that asked 'What's up, doc?'
American Idol judgette
Film actor/maker who did Annie Hall
Who put on his yarmulke and sung about Chanukah?
Came up with 'Laser Cats' and is the founding member of The Lonely Island
Famous slapstick comedy trio
Famously fought the 'Soup Nazi'
Skipped a World Series match in order to celebrate Yom Kippur
Went to the 'final frontier'
Wrote 'Night'
This Jew has sung about throwing a Jew down a well...
Owner of Bad Robots Productions (Cloverfield, etc.)

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