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Came up with 'Laser Cats' and is the founding member of The Lonely Island
Voice actor that asked 'What's up, doc?'
Writer/editor of Marvel comics
Film actor/maker who did Annie Hall
Owner of Bad Robots Productions (Cloverfield, etc.)
Wrote 'Night'
He could be known as 'The Piano Man'
American Idol judgette
Famous slapstick comedy trio
E=mc^2, worked on nuclear bomb...
Came up with the most widely known atom model
Famously fought the 'Soup Nazi'
Drew cartoons of complicated machines to perform simple tasks
Skipped a World Series match in order to celebrate Yom Kippur
Won an academy award for 'Little Miss Sunshine', also spent a good deal of the movie in the trunk
This Jew has sung about throwing a Jew down a well...
Went to the 'final frontier'
Famous escape artist
Who put on his yarmulke and sung about Chanukah?
Famous Holocaust victim who kept a journal

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