Arx Fatalis Spells

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Can you name the Arx Fatalis spells based on their casting sequences?

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Casting SequenceSpellSpell Level
Mega Vista1
Aam Taar1
Aam Yok1
Nhi Yok1
Mega Vitae2
Morte Cosum2
Mega Kaom2
Rhaa Kaom2
Mega Movis3
Nhi Stregum Vista3
Aam Yok Taar3
Aam Vitae Cosum3
Mega Stregum Vitae4
Nhi Spacium4
Yok Kaom4
Spacium Comunicatum4
Aam Morte Cosum5
Mega Spacium Movis5
Nhi Cetrius5
Morte Kaom5
Casting SequenceSpellSpell Level
Aam Morte Vitae6
Nhi Movis6
Aam Kaom Spacium6
Nhi Morte Cosum6
Vista Movis7
Aam Yok Spacium7
Aam Folgora Taar7
Rhaa Vista7
Nhi Vista8
Stregum Movis8
Aam Mega Morte8
Mega Stregum Cosum8
Aam Vitae Tera9
Nhi Stregum Cosum9
Aam Mega Yok9
Mega Nhi Movis9
Aam Folgora Spacium10
Movis Comunicatum10
Rhaa Tempus10
Mega Aam Mega Yok10

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