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You know I, thug 'em, **** 'em, love 'em, leave 'em,
Now can I get an encore, do you want more
You ready B? Let's go get 'em...
If you feelin’ like a pimp n****, go and brush your shoulders off
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 8th wonder of the world
Yeah, can I get my groove in on someone,
Steada kisses, we get kicked
I consistantly take em out the park like Ken Griffey
Bounce wit me, wit me, wit me wit me
This ain't for iTunes, this ain't for sing alongs
If you're havin' girl problems i feel bad for you son
And I'll be god damned if my diamonds ain't blue
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
Gettin this money switchin my whips and my kicks

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