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LyricsAnswerSong Name
I got a _____ womanFrom A Buick 6
Who crawls across _____Temporary Like Achilles
I heard one person starve, I heard _____A Hard Rain Is A-Gonna Fall
Well I guess you must have known _____Lilly, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts
Did you ever hear that _____ soundSee That My Grave Is Kept Clean
_____, they gambled for my clothesShelter From The Storm
To hang a to lynch, to _____Only A Pawn In Their Game
_____, you'd rather see me paralyzedPositively 4th Street
Well the hobo got high, but _____Pledging My Time
_____, _____ paths of victory, we shall walkPaths Of Victory
_____, picked up my diplomaDay Of The Locusts
Between the windows of the sea,Desolation Row
Now my apron _____Dink's Song
_____ would ever shatter or splitBob Dylan's Dream
_____, she likes to go to big placesGoin' To Acapulco
And I'm also glad I have no friends, _____Ballad Of Donald White
_____, on the river of tearsWent To See The Gypsy
He's pointing to the sky and _____Temporary Like Achilles
_____, when she's better only time will tellWalkin' Down The Line
I can't find nobody, _____Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
he cried so loud, _____I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
is standing in the clothes that you once wore, _____It's All Over Now
When a trembling distant voice unclear, _____It's Alright Ma
I just be curious to know if _____Mama You Been On My Mind
How they black mailed the sergaent-at-arms _____Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
LyricsAnswerSong Name
_____, at your feet to convince you of your painQueen Jane
And the _____ blows into my faceRestless Farewell
From _____, am I still dreamin' yet?I Don't Believe You
Oh tell my baby sister, _____House Of The Rising Sun
When just then a passing strange _____The Ballad Of Frankie Lee
I had to say something to _____Motorpsycho Nightmare
From the _____ my eyes start to fadeOne Too Many Mornings
Analyze you, categorize you _____All I Really Want To Do
_____, he follows meAbsolutely Sweet Marie
Oh those mighty _____ I can hardly stand to see 'emWhen I Paint My Masterpiece
_____, his name it did resoundJohn Wesley Harding
The ocean wild like _____Lay Down Your Weary Tune
_____ of the ten little womenCan You Please Crawl Out Your Window
might like to drink whisky, might like to _____Gotta Serve Somebody
The trial was a _____ he never had a chanceHurricane
And the corporals and the neighbors _____Farewell Angelina
_____ that all my dreams come trueNew Morning
Everybody will help you _____I'll Keep It With Mine
With my hands in my pockets and my _____Farewell
And _____, which you just can't help but showSad Eyed Lady
They rolled his body down the gulf admist _____Death Of Emmit Till
Oh you five and ten cent women _____Bob Dylan's Blues
_____, but in this you are not uniqueDear Landlord
With no attempts _____, into the ditch of what each one meansGates of Eden
Said mother's dead and gone, _____I Was Young When I Left Home

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