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Can you name the contestants of the 1971 Eurovision Song Contest?

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Singer and songCountryPosition
Marianne Mendt with 'Musik'16
Joe Grech with 'Maria I-Maltija'18
Séverine with 'Un banc, un arbre, un rue'1
Peter, Sue and Marc with 'Les illusions de nos vingt ans'12
Katja Ebstein with 'Diese Welt'3
Karina with 'En un mundo nuevo'2
Serge Lama with 'Un jardin sur la Terre'10
Monique Melsen with 'Pomme, pomme, pomme'13
Clodagh Rigers with 'Jack in the box'4
Singer and songCountryPosition
Lily Castel and Jacques Raymond with Goeiemorgen, morgen'14
Massimo Ranieri with 'L'amore è un attimo'5
Family Four with 'Vita vidder'6
Angela Farrell with 'One day love'11
Saskia and Serge with 'Tijd'6
Tonicha with 'Menina do alto da serra'9
Krunoslav Slabinac with 'Tvoj dječak je tužan'14
Markku Aro and Koivistolaiset with 'Tie uuteen päivään'8
Hanne Krogh with 'Lykken er'17

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