LEVEL 5 Title-Author Code Cracker

Random Literature or book Quiz

Enter the correct title or author to reveal a LETTER or CLUE TO A LETTER found in the answer. Then, unscramble the letters to COMPLETE the SECRET PHRASE!

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How to Play
HintAnswerLetter/Letter Clue
A Wild Sheep Chase
Gabriel García Marquez
The Crucible
George Orwell
A Game of Thrones
J.D. Salinger
The Sun Also Rises
Margaret Mitchell
Winnie the Pooh
Frank Herbert
Pride and Prejudice
Joseph Heller
Ender's Game
Louisa May Alcott
Dancing After Hours
Emily Brontë
If on a winter's night a traveler
His Dark Materials
Alexandre Dumas
The Minority Report
Anne Rice
SECRET PHRASE: If ever someone asks, 'Are you brilliant?' You can say polite and true: '___, _ __ _ ______, _____ ___.' (3, 1, 2, 1, 6, 5, 3)

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