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Evil QueenTurned into stone
Snow WhiteShot with an arrow while under a spell
Evil QueenSeparates from daughter during curse with full memory of past life intact
CoraBroke heart by choosing power over love
Dr. Victor FrankensteinTurned into monster - left behind
CoraThrown from tower
Evil QueenForced false confession
RumplestiltskinRemoved tongue & beaten
Captain HookKidnapped
Jacqueline 'Jack'Stabbed with poisoned sword
Emma SwanDouble crossed on beanstalk
Evil QueenLied about the death of true love
TamaraTasered to death - Storybrooke
DanielRipped arm off
CoraMurdered to frame another
Captain HookRipped out heart
Evil QueenKidnapped & murdered to prevent leaving Storybrooke
Genie/Magic MirrorDouble-crossed
King XavierDegrade her in public
Evil QueenHeld captive in tower/asylum
PinocchioStole money he was sent to give
Owen FlynnKidnapped
GepettoLied about 2nd seat in the enchanted wardrobe
RumplestiltskinMarked for Wraith
Evil QueenRefused to bring brother to Storybrooke
Red Riding HoodFought causing accidental death
RumplestiltskinRipped heart out and crushed it
RumplestiltskinDouble-crossed & stole last magic in Storybrooke
CoraRipped true love's heart out & crushed it
Evil QueenAttacked & stole curse
King MidasAccidentally turned into gold
Snow WhiteHad an affair with her husband during curse
Evil QueenTurned into immortal underground guardian
ArloStabbed with poisoned sword
PinocchioAbandoned as an infant
Evil QueenDouble-crossed - left for dead
Genie/Magic MirrorBetrayed & murdered with serpents
Evil QueenSent through magic mirror to Wonderland
Owen FlynnHit with car - accident
Evil QueenArranged murder
CoraAttempts to take heart, but fails
Evil QueenFramed for stealing medical records from therapist
Owen FlynnKidnapped & taken to another land
Evil QueenTurned into a dragon
Evil QueenPoisoned Apple Turnover - Sleeping Curse - meant for someone else
CoraAttempted to absorb his powers with dagger
WraithSoul sucked out
TamaraLied, betrayed, shot & sent to another land
CoraControlled stolen heart
TamaraSet off 'Trigger'
Snow WhiteSecretly cursed heart that was placed back in chest
RumplestiltskinTurned into a rose
CoraRipped heart out & crushed it
Snow WhiteTold a secret
Emma SwanKilled in dragon form
Evil QueenSent assassin to kill
Dr. Victor FrankensteinTurned into monster after curse broke
Owen FlynnElectrocuted & tortured
King GeorgeCursed to never have children
Evil QueenFramed for a fake murder
Evil QueenKidnapped
Evil QueenTurned to dust after resurrection
RumplestiltskinKidnapped & beaten
Prince CharmingStabbed underwater
Captain HookTook memory from enemy's true love
Gerhardt FrankensteinBeaten to death
King GeorgeDismembered to frame another
Prince CharmingCaptured in a net
Evil QueenCast a spell to separate family
RumplestiltskinTurned into a rat
RumplestiltskinKidnaps to test potion to pass the town line
Evil QueenRipped heart out to enact curse
Owen FlynnSet off 'Trigger'
Blind WitchHeld captive & tried to eat - Male
Evil QueenKilled by knights looking for Snow White
Evil QueenKidnaps to use against his true love
The Lost BoysKidnapped
TamaraKidnapped & taken to another land
Evil QueenManipulated into committing murder
Evil QueenTricked by Snow White to put cursed heart back in his/her chest
MaleficentSleeping Curse
TamaraTasered to death - Hong Kong
Evil QueenRipped heart out as punishment & used to control
Evil QueenMurder Attempt - Failed Stabbing
Evil QueenHeld captive - cast a spell to separate family
Prince JamesLeft lover for dead
RumplestiltskinStabbed with dagger to absorb powers
The ShadowKidnapped & taken to Neverland
Evil QueenPoisoned Apple - Sleeping Curse
CoraBeheaded & held captive
Red Riding HoodMauled & eaten
Hansel & Gretal Cooked in oven
King GeorgeNumerous attempts on life
Captain HookShot & forced over town line, lost memory
Evil QueenBroke a deal
Jiminy CricketMistakenly gave deadly potion
RumplestiltskinCut off hand & murdered true love
Blind WitchHeld captive & tried to eat - Female
Captain HookRan away with wife
King GeorgeShot with knight's arrow meant for Prince Charming
CoraFramed for murder
Jacqueline 'Jack'Stabbed with poisoned sword
Prince CharmingCheated on during the curse
AnitaAttempted to capture & feed on
RumplestiltskinBlown up to replace role
PinocchioStole money - Hong Kong
RumplestiltskinBroke deal & abandoned
BaelfireBetrayed & abandoned in jail
CoraMurdered & stole identity
The ShadowKidnapped & taken to Neverland
King GeorgeFramed for murder of dismembered victim
MaleficentTransformed into a monster by a curse
RumplestiltskinInvoluntary servitude
Evil QueenCrushed heart out of jealousy
Sir MauriceKidnapped & attempted memory loss
King GeorgeBurned the hat needed to find wife & daughter
William SmeeKidnapped & attempted memory loss
Emma SwanLied about father
Captain HookStabbed with poison
Evil QueenTricked into abandoning daughter
Captain HookDouble crossed - faked assassination
Snow WhiteRobbed

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