Once Upon a Time Temporary & Permanent Deaths

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Cursed by Poisonous Apple/Healed by True Love's KissEvil Queen/Regina Mills
Stabbed/Coma/Healed by True Love's KissEvil Queen's Knights
Turned to StoneEvil Queen/Regina Mills
Blown Up to Take her PlaceRumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
Turned into Wooden PuppetsJiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper
Drowned to Save his FatherAccident
Heart was Controlled & Crushed by the Evil QueenEvil Queen/Regina Mills
Turned into a RoseRumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
Reportedly Threw Herself From a Tower/Captive in Storybrooke AsylumEvil Queen/Regina Mills
Turned to Gold/Healed by Water from Lake NostrosKing Midas
Stabbed UnderwaterPrince Charming/David Nolan
Kidnapped & Death Faked to Frame Snow WhiteEvil Queen/Regina Mills
Beheaded in WonderlandCora/Queen of Hearts/Miller's Daughter
Turned Back Into Wood/Came Back to Life When Magic ReturnedPinocchio
Died From Poisoned Apple Turnover/Healed by True Love's KissEvil Queen/Regina Mills
Victim of Sleeping Curse/Revived by True Love's KissMaleficent
Victim of Murder and Identity TheftCora/Queen of Hearts/Miller's Daughter
Accidentally Murdered by her DaughterEvil Queen/Regina Mills
Murdered by his DaughterEvil Queen/Regina Mills
Murdered by his True Love's MotherCora/Queen of Hearts/Miller's Daughter
Murdered by the Man He Freed from SlaveryGenie/Magic Mirror/Sidney Glass
Murdered by her Sister-In-LawCora/Queen of Hearts/Miller's Daughter
Cooked in an OvenHansel and Gretal
Mauled by his True LoveRed Riding Hood/Ruby
Shot with an Arrow Meant for her SonKing George's Knights
Killed in a Rescue AttemptKing George's Knights
Soul Sucked by Wraith/Saved by his True LoveWraith
Ex-Husband Ripped her Heart Out and Crushed ItRumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
Murdered to Frame Red Riding HoodKing George/Albert Spencer
Killed by Daughter to Save a Friend's LifeRed Riding Hood/Ruby
Killed by Knights that Raided a Werewolf HideoutEvil Queen/Regina Mills
Abducted & Death Faked to Frame Evil QueenCora/Queen of Hearts/Miller's Daughter
Held Captive and Murdered by the Evil QueenEvil Queen/Regina Mills
Murdered to Absorb His PowersRumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
Murdered with a Taser in Hong KongTamara
Mudered with a Taser in Storybrooke/Returned to Original Form Prior to CurseTamara
Stabbed with Poison by Giant & Left for Dead by her LoverArlo
Shot and Resurrected by his Brother Police
Killed by his Resurrected SonGerhardt Frankenstein/Frankenstein's Monster
Impaled by Dying Combatant Dying Combatant
Stabbed with Poison by Beanstalk ClimberJack/Jacqueline
Stabbed with Poison by Beanstalk ClimberJack/Jacqueline
Thrown from the Clock TowerCora/Queen of Hearts/Miller's Daughter
Shot by Fiancee & Fell into PortalTamara
Shadow Ripped From BodyPeter Pan's Shadow
Heart Ripped From Chest & CrushedRumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold

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