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How many times a week does Michael go to quiznos?
What game was Pam playing when she injured her ankle?
What item of Dwight's is put in jello?
What is Pam's mom's name?
What is the name of the art school Pam went to?
When Jim impersonated Dwight what kind of bear did they talk about?
What did piece of equipment did Michael and Dwight ruin at Utica?
What is Pam's middle name?
What is the brand of rum that Jim and Pam gave Michael?
What is the name of the blind guy Michael made up?
What is the main vegetable Dwight sells on his farm?
In 'Dwight's Sepeech' Jim gives Dwight a speech from who?
How long was Andy at anger management?
How did Jim prank Andy when he was at the Stamford branch?
What is Holly's boyfriend's name?
How much does Dunder Mifflin pay for The Michael Scott Paper Company?
Which people were the Joker on Halloween?
What rumor is spread about Oscar in 'Gossip'?
What is Jan's baby's name?
In the Halloween episode what was the trick Michael played on the kids?

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