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Can you name the answer to the clue, using five letters from the word PAINTS?

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A group opposed, disestablishmentarianism would be nothing without them.
Smooth or glossy fabric produced by a weave, or my chair gets a lot of this.
Person acknowledged as virtuous, Roger Moore?
Pocketed breads for filling, not the animal rights variety.
Sixteen ounce increments, and keep 'em comin'!
Caravel of Columbus, poor Lonesome George.
Cone of silver amalgam, part of Rupert's 'Escape' plan?
Word ClueAnswer
Silver or gold bread plate, perhaps how the butter is distributed.
Trousers, lost mine to a tragic Liar, Liar incident.
Thin decorative coating, 80% found in the name.
Unpleasant sensations, Seavers had the growing variety.
Indian and Pacific palms, the National Institute of Professional Accountants love them.
Not appropriate, or why I dreamed of illiteracy.
Colored patch or dirty mark, my reputation has a few.

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