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How to Play Forced Order
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Dear Santa. Thank you for the dolls, and the pencils, and the fish. It's Easter now, so I hope I didn't wake you, but... honest, it is an emergency.
Hello! Okay--oo. New teeth. That's weird.
I've been phoning your mobile, you could've been dead! It's on the news and everything! I can't believe that your shop went up!
Shut your big fat mouths!
Excuse me! (character name). MP for Flydale North.
Ladies and gentlemen... I'd like to announce: we've just measured the ghost energy at five thousand gigawatts. Give yourselves a round of applause.
Excellent bottom.
You're up early! What's happening?
I, (character name), take you, Jacqueline Suzanne... Suzette... Anita...
What's what on the ceiling?
Well, that took a while. Honestly, I'd heard such good things. Last of the Time Lords, the Oncoming Storm. Him in the bow tie.
Thief! Thief! You're my thief!
Legs! I've still got legs!!
The clock is broken. He's coming.
Hello dad!
No, I think she's just dreaming.
Oh-ho, scared!
Tricky situation, Doctor. Potentially very dangerous. I think I'm going to need you.
See you later!
Yes, Doctor Ramsden.
Oh, now, don't stare. I know, I know it's shocking, isn't it? I've had my chin completely taken away and look at the difference! Look how thin I am.
You said he was funny, you never said he was hot.
Will it be me, Uncle?
Oh, no. Please don’t. Thank you, Lady Eddison. Honestly, there’s no need.
Location: Earth. Life forms detected. Exterminate!
That's what it did. It went RRROOOOAAAAAAAAARRR! And if you think that was the most exciting day of my life - wait 'til you hear the rest.
Who are you?
Hello Sweetie.
Oh, I'd love to -- thank you! And it's got to be said, the transformation you've brought about is amazing. I mean, maybe you're working the children a little bit too hard now
The President is 10 points down. I want him replaced.
Supreme Dalek. Is there news?
Don't answer it. It's not for you.
Come on! Come on! One painting for one drink. That's not a bad deal.
There’s movement on the surface. Another human hunt. God help him.
Oh, good morning, Mr Smith.

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