Post Star Wars Roles

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Post Star Wars RoleCharacterShow or Movie
Dr. Richard KimbleThe Fugitive
Abin SurGreen Lantern
Miss PiggyMuppets
MaryThe Nativity Story
Lord BurghleyElizabeth I (TV)
Brendan ConlonWarrior
David RiceJumper
ZeusClash of the Titans
Phillip MorrisI love you Phillip Morris
Jane FosterThor
AngelaFamily Guy (TV)
Harvey DentBatman
Monsieur LabisseHugo
Post Star Wars RoleCharacterShow or Movie
HamToy Story
The JokerBatman (TV)
GodboleA Passage to India
MufasaThe Lion King
KickiMiss Kicki
Alex VegaCane (TV)
Nick FuryCaptain America
Ari AssadHunter (TV-2009)
Snake EyesG.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra
Heinrich HaussnerSon of Hitler
Jor-ElSmallville (TV)

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