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Can you name the Morgan Freeman films by role?

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Role/PortrayalFilmOther characters
Principal ClarkDr. Napier
HokeBoolie Werthan
Ned LoganWill Munny
Lt. SomersetJohn Doe
Lucius FoxJames Gordon
Carter ChambersEdward
Theordore JacksonJohn Quincy Adams
Charlie GrimesClaire Kubik
Gen. FordCol. Daniels
President BeckLeo Biederman
Role/PortrayalFilmOther characters
Col. CurtisBeaver
Scrap Iron DuprisFrankie Dunn
Nelson MandelaFrancois Pienaar
The BossMr. Goodkat
NarratorEmperor Penguins
Charlie QuinnBetty Sizemore
Jack DoylePatrick Kenzie
JoeFrank Moses
Dr. Alex CrossThe Spider; Det. Ruskin
AzeemWill Scarlet
SGM RawlinsCol. Shaw
The Lord AlmightyEvan Baxter

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