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Buck Strickland hires the stars of this show for the propane convention?
Name one of Cotton Hills medals he earned while serving in the Armed Forces?
What is the name of the Boy Scout type troupe Bobby belongs.
What class did Bobby take in order to meet girls?
What town do the Hills reside?
Peggy was unknowingly smuggling this drug in to a convict she was tutoring at the prison?
What is the name of Bobby's ventriloquist dummy?
What is Hanks favorite NFL team?
LadyBird is accused of what when she bites a repairman?
What is the name of the Souphanousinphones dog?
A member of this country music group got sick eating Peggy's brown betty. Name the duo.
Bobby Hill attends a middle school named after this famous coach.
Which former President of the U.S. was seen trying to mediate a peace treaty between Cotton and Hank?
What branch of Christianity do the Hills belong?
John Redcorn is the lead singer of this band also featuring Lucky
What rock band is Hank's cousin Dusty a member?
What is Cotton accused of burning down?
Who was the voice of Luanne and the young Joseph, prepuberty?
What holiday does a overly religious character try to ban?
What is Bill's job?
Buckley came back to see Luanne. What favorite backyard equipment was he seen on?
What does Hank sell?
Name the creator of KOTH MTV classic about two underachievers
Bill dressed up as this holiday icon and took it a bit too far.
The Hills were going to see Peggy's mother for Thanksgiving. Hank deep fried a turkey. Which state were they going to visit?
Cotton and DiDi named their son this?
Cotton is missing this body part from injuries incurred during WWII
What is the name of the football player who breaks Bills touchdown record?
Who voiced Boomhauers brother, Patch?
Nancy Gribble has an affair with which character?
Luanne wants to name her child this Italian pasta dish.
What is the name of the former Texas Governor who appears on the show as Bills love interest?
What rank does Minh's father hold?
What newpaper does Peggy write for?
Question or hint
The Hills were shown in what other animated TV show watching a football game. Hank even says 'We drove two thousand miles for this?'
What is the first establishment John Redcorn builds on his new land?
Bill is diagnosed with this disease so he decides to put himself in a wheelchair.
Peggy has been a substitute teacher and a writer. What did she do when she worked for Chris Sizemore?
What is Kahn Jr.'s instrument of choice?
Other than a singer, what is John Redcorns official title?
Where does Bobby work for Jimmy Wichard, the town idiot?
What is Hanks middle name?
What does Cotton give to Hanks cousin which Hank really wanted?
Peggy plays what position for her softball team?
Peggy has done many jobs over the years. What type of business does she buy but it becomes an underground shooting range and gun store?
What position does Joseph play on the football team?
Where does Buck find out he has an illegitimate son?
What beer does Hank and his three cohorts always drink?
Hank has a narrow what?
Who does Dale believe to be Joseph's father?
What does Bobby want to be when he grows up?
Peggy Hill is a champion is this word game.
What was Bill Dauterive's nickname when he played football?
What has Dale named his company vehicle?
Dale is president of what Arlen club?
Where does Cotton want Hank to send his ashes?
What is Dale Gribble's occupation?
Hank, Bobby, Dale, and the other Donna from Accounting played in a band together called what?
The Hills reside on what street?
What food product does the Arlen City Council ban which causes Hank to become a rebel?
Which type of company does Dale sue for Nancy being ugly?
Ted Wassonasong builds this type of structure to the dismay and safety of the neighborhood.
As revealed in the finale, what is Boomhauers occupation?
Peggy claims to know this language very well.
What restaurant does Dale try to sue for sexual harassment?
What is the name of Dales company?
What network did King of the Hill premiere?
Peggy wants to win a white truck in which contest?
Question or hint
Minh was able to secure membership in the country club because of this sport?
What is the title of the series finale?
What kind of truck does Hank drive?
Hank broke this body part while playing in the state championship game in high school?
What does Peggy steal because she is jealous of Bobby's cooking prowess?
What animal does Hank fear the most?
Kahn and Minh are from which country originally?
What sport does Luanne start participating in to prove she is not just another pretty face?
What's the name of the boy band Hank takes Bobby to see?
Who turned out to be the 'ghost' at Tom Landry Middle School?
What does Hanks coworker, Joe Jack, have a habit of calling everyone?
Cotton exchanges this for a drivers license in Mexico?
What is Dales cigarette of choice?
What name does Dale always use an alias. The real one even came to confront Dale.
What year did King of the Hill premiere?
Hank has been accused of blowing up the MegaLoMart and which other type of business?
Whos stadium bathroom was Hank born?
Creator of King of the Hill
What is the name of Luanne's puppets?
The title theme was written and performed by what band?
What was the name of Boomhauers late model 1960's Mustang?
What is the name of the country club Minh and Kahn are always trying to secure membership and actually became members thanks to Minhs prowess in shooting.
Bill Dauterive is from what state?
Hank found out he had a brother, Junichiro. In what country does Junichiro reside?
Buck Strickland also owns which restaurant? (Peggy and Hank owned it for a time)
How much land does John Redcorn receive from the federal government?
What type of team does Bobby join in the series finale?
Hank breaks this body part during practice for a REMATCH for the state football championship?
Peggy wrote a song which she claims this country music star stole.
Bobby is afflicted with what disease because he eats too much deli food?
Donna from Accounting forces Hank to create a page on what website?
Who is the main character on Peggy's favorite novella?

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