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Costar characters nameFilm
Vincent Hanna, Chris Shiherlis, Michael Cheritto
Chase Renzi, Trey Sellars, Cesar Vargas
Pam, Greg, Bernie, Rozalin
Henry Hill, Paulie, Jimmy, Morrie
Rocky, Bullwinkle, Natashia
Nicky, Francine, Tony, Paul
Michael Corleone, Connie, Tom Hagen
Bobby Rayburn, Jewel Stern, Juan Primo
Nicky, Frankie Marino, Ginger
Sam Bowden, Danielle, Lori Davis
Linda, Axel Axelrod, John Welsh, Stosh
Jill Layton, Jack Lint, Harvey Lime
Rooster Fisk, Spider Smith, Det. Perez
Costar characters nameFilm
Orell Robbie, Jackie, Ray Nicolette
Vicky, Joey, Lenora, Sugar Ray
Jerry Langford, Cathy Long, Masha
Glory, Frank Milo, Harold
Iris, Betsy, Wizard,Sport
Harry Angel, Louis Cyphre, Epiphany Proudfoot
Gwen Sunday, Carl Brashear, Captain Pullman
Sartana Rivera, Cortez, April Booth
Pam, Greg, Dina, Kevin
Oscar, Lenny, Angie, Lola
Michael, Charlie, Tony, Teresa
Emily Callaway, Katherine, Elizabeth

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