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Can you name the some common cryptids of the world?

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DescriptionNameGeographical area
Vampire, Has been reported as bipede and quadripe, Could be military experiment gone wrongd, Mexico, Southwest US, Puerto Rico, India
Reptilian, Bipedal, Lives in a swampSouth Carolina (Lee County)
Native Americans have them on totems, Large birdNorth and South America
Lives Under the Sea, many sailors claim to have seen themOceans and Seas of the world
A movie made after him, The hillbilly cousin to the Northwest creature, prefers the swamp to the forestArkansas
Lives in the water, Does not play bagpipesScotland
Transform from wolf to human, carnivorousMost notably in films, medieval Europe
Hoax video on youtube, Not a member of the Wolf Pack tribe, CarnivorousNorth Central US, primarily Michigan
DescriptionNameGeographical area
Walks on both feet, Patterson videoPacific Northwest, Worldwide reports
No one knows what this was when it washed ashore in the South PacificWashes up on the shores all around the world
The smelly, southern cousin of the more famous creature, lives in the swamp, looks like an orangutanSoutheast US, primarily Florida
Winged bipedal horse, Hockey team named after themNew Jersey
Bugs or Roger with horns, Could just be a virusNorth America
Himalayan, Not as jolly as FrostyAsia
Could have a cousin in Scotland, Water dinosaurNorth America
Sucks blood, Loves the children of the nightMost notable in films, Transalvania

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