Big 3 Films to Win the Big 5 at the Oscars

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Can you name the Trivia about the Big 3 films which swept the Big 5 at the Oscars (Film, Director, Actress, Actor, an?

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QuestionFilm, Actor, ActressExtra clue
?1934; 7th Academy Awards
?1975; 48th Academy Awards
?1991; 64th Academy Awards
?Directed Its a Wonderful Life
?Directed Amadeus
?Directed Philadelphia
?Gone With the Wind
?Terms of Endearment
?Legends of the Fall
?The Hole in the Wall
?Mulholland Falls
?Not the prison head; even though he was fairly evil
?On AFI Villians list
?No Jodie Foster
?One was for best supporting
?White Palace
?The Rose
?Lost Horizon
?Main actor was being trained for his later role in CSI
?Dangerous to do
?With a pillow
?Shot in the basement
?Liz Taylor film later
QuestionFilm, Actor, ActressExtra clue
?Got to see Catwoman up close.....Grrrr.
?Was a toon
?One of the greatest quotes ever
?Hot redhead
?I think we're gonna need a bigger boat
?Its a conspiracy
?Father was also president
?Myrna Loy, Fredric March
?Reagan goes to therapy
?Heathcliff, Mr. Smith, and Mickey also lost this year
?Tom Hulce
?Springsteen won for Best Song
?Played a convict also in Urban Cowboy
?She even mimicked the 'leg' scene
?Won an acting Oscar in the 80's
?Posthumously won
?The Right Stuff and From the Earth to the Moon
?Couple of bad dudes
?Not himself in another movie; inspired Dahmer also
?Heeeres Johnny
?Red Dragon, Hannibal
?Fear of the devil and swimming

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