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How many vampires have bitten Buffy?
Who does 7-3-0 refer to?
Who is the only musical guest to have a speaking part?
What school did Buffy transfer from?
What food do Andrew and Spike bond over?
What does Andrew try and kill first to open the seal?
To close the Hellmouth, what did the seal want?
Who had a theory that 'some kid is dreaming'?
What does Angel give Buffy for her 18th birthday?
Where is Angel originally from?
Who was Buffy's idol when she was younger?
What does Dawn love 'more than all the other fishes'?
Who killed Faith's watcher?
What is Anya's real name?
When was Buffy presented the 'Class Protector' award?
What is Jenny Calender's true name?
What does Cordelia's licence plate say?
In five words or less, what is Spike doing outside Buffy's house?
What demon did Giles conjure when he was younger?
Who was Harmony's 'Blondie Bear'?

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