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Small plate that causes the Cascade Mt. Range
Smallest pyroclastic material
South American volcanic mountain range
Hot spot and supervolcano located on the continent of the United States
Volcano with a combination of explosive and non-explosive eruptions
Hot spot found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
Solid dense layer of Earth made of iron
Convergent boundaries need to have this type of plate to form volcanic mountains
Plate name that is subducting under South America forming the Andes
Hawaii's tallest mountain
Largest piece of pyroclastic material
The transform fault in California
Famous mountain in the Cascade Range
Jagged forming lava flow
liquid dense layer of Earth made of iron
Deepest part of the ocean at subduction zones
Island chain in the Indian Ocean that is home to Krakatoa
Alaska's volcanic island chain
Largest mountains in the world
Hot spot found on the Mid Atlantic Ridge

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