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Updated Nov 23, 2011

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Don't go in the ________.Jaws
The ________ is a man.Saving Private Ryan
Some men just can't handle ________.The Hangover
________ is a thing of the past.The Matrix
On the ________. Unaware.The Truman Show
________. It was fun while it lasted.Armageddon
The story of a real ________,Catch Me if You Can
The first casualty of war is ________.Platoon
Love is in the ________.There's Something About Mary
Can two friends ________ together and still love each other in the morning?When Harry Met Sally
If at first you don't succeed, ________ your standards.Tommy Boy
He's out to prove he's got ________ to prove.Napolean Dynamite
________ crack up.Christmas Vacation
His ________ will touch you, even though he can't.Edward Scissorhands
3% body fat. 1% ________ activity.Zoolander
The classic story about a boy and his ________.Psycho
Fear can hold you prisoner, ________ can set you free.The Shawshank Redemption
Behind every great ________ is a great story.The Notebook
His whole ________ was a million-to-one shot.Rocky
________ your back.Mean Girls
A story about love at ________ sight.While You Were Sleeping
She brought a small town to its feet, and a huge __________ to its knees.Erin Brockovich
You won't ________ your eye.Monsters Inc.
________? What movie?Top Secret
The ________ is life.Schindler's List
What if this guy got you ________?Knocked Up

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