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Can you name the four letter words in this Van Halen themed word ladder?

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*Van Halen Album: ____ Warning*
Perform Poorly
Paid to Leave Jail
Used to Lure Fish
*Van Halen Song: I'll ____*
A Loud Cry
Side of a Room
*Van Halen Song: And the Cradle ____ Rock...*
Pit Used for Water
*Van Halen Song: The Seventh ____*
Place to Sit
Sound of the Drum
Sea Vessel
*Van Halen Song: Ain't Talkin' ____ Love*
Rubber Footwear
What an Angry Fan Does
Person in Charge
*Van Halen Member Michael Anthony's Instrument*
Clubs used by Baseball Players
Type of Rodents
*Van Halen Singer: David Lee ____*
To Carry
A Large Book
*Van Halen Song: Everybody Wants ____!!!*
Physically Painful
Past Tense of Tear
Ripped Up
Small City
*Van Halen Album: Diver ____*
To Condemn
Slightly Wet
Where Garbage Goes
*Van Halen Song*

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