Northeast Corridor Locomotives 1971-2011

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Can you name the Northeast Corridor Locomotives 1971-2011?

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Years Built, Companies, and NicknamesLocomotive TypeExtra Info
Build date 1934 – 1943, used with PRR, NJT, Conrail, Amtrak,
Built in 1949 –1954, PRR used on present day Liberty Limited
Built in 1960–1963, PRR, Conrail, Amtrak, NJT used mostly with frieght,
Built 1963-2010, used by SEPTA
Built in 1965-1969, 1994, MARC, NJT, MBTA
Built date 1969, Cab Car
Built in 1970, also used by SEPTA
Built in 1972-1977, used on Metro-North Railroad
Built in 1972–1976; 1982–1983, Amtrak and NJT
Built in 1975 by Budd, used by NJT
Years Built, Companies, and NicknamesLocomotive TypeExtra Info
Built in 1976 – 1992, Amtrak, NJT, MBTA, Replcaement for EMD SDP40F
Built in 1978 – 1988, 'toaster' Amtrak, MARC, SEPTA
Built in 1990 – 1996, NJT, SEPTA
Built in 1992–2001, Amtrak and NJT(ACES), Metro-North Railroad
Built in 1999, MARC, Amtrak 'Hippos, Rhinos, Bananas'
In service 2000, Amtrak
Built in 2001-2002, NJT
Built 2009-, used on Meto-North Railroad

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