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Make a little noise, country girls and boys.
They steal you with hello, they kill you with goodbye.
She was hot as July, sweet as sunshine.
Since you're gone, the music's trying to sway me to move on, but I just wanna stay here all night long missing you.
Just us from dusk 'til dawn.
Are you ready to rock? Then let's blow the top right off of this town.
I don't want to bore you with that same ol' nothin's new. I'd rather just pull up this chair and get caught up on you.
Don't think I'm that so lost without you, every thought's about you, holdin' onto somethin' that's never gonna happen.
It's gonna do us some good to get down in the woods.
I've got the point that the beer tastes good.
Friday night football is king, sweet tea goes good with anything, and fireflies comes out when the sun goes down.
Some like to sip, some like to chug. Some like to dip, some light one up.
There ain't one second time's erased. Every detail is still in place.
Ain't nothin' like feelin' that summertime feelin'. Kicked back, relaxed, just chillin'.
But I would drive a million miles just to see your little smile in real life.
Riding this ol' river is peaceful, but it's lonesome.
Spend a few days soakin' up the weather. Heck, we just might wanna stay there forever.
I'll spend the rest of my life explaining what words cannot describe, but I'll try.
7 billion people in the world, but it feels like two. And baby, I'm feelin' you.
I thought nothing could touch that by a mile. I thought nothing could make that moment seem so worthwhile.
I wanna thank you, Lord, for noisy children and slammin' doors and clothes scattered all over the floor.
If you're thinkin' what I'm thinkin', I think you understand.
We talked 'til the moon chased the sun from the sky. Said, 'This is hello, it sure ain't goodbye.'
Get your camera, take a picture. You know you don't wanna miss a minute of what's going on.
I never thought I'd see you again.
I'm just a country boy. I drive a four-by-four. It's usually covered in mud from the axle to the door.
Lord knows they got 'em down in Panama City. It makes your big ol' problems seem little bitty.
That little black line defines a legacy.
Yeah, the summertime is the best part of all.
Stick your hand in the air.
You'll find on every other page yellow lines or teardrop stains every chapter of that good book.

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