Highest Grossing Movie (US) per Actor

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Can you name the Highest Grossing Movie (US) per Actor?

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Adam Sandler1999
Bruce Willis1999
George Clooney2001
Arnold Schwarzenegger1991
Tom Cruise2005
Will Ferrell2003
Jack Nicholson1989
Johnny Depp2006
Brad Pitt2005
Will Smith1996
Clint Eastwood2008
Mark Wahlberg2000
Russell Crowe2000
John Travolta1978
Mel Gibson2002
Ben Stiller2004
Christian Bale2008
Tom Hanks1994
Jim Carrey2000
Dennis Quaid2004
Matt Damon2007
Robert Downey Jr.2008
Denzel Washington2007
Edward Norton2008

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