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16th on TD List, Mostly a Charger
Frozen Rain
Abandon a Commitment
Water at 212 Degrees
Work Extremely Hard
'Schism' Band; or, Something Useful
Singular of Some Who Are Looney
6th on TD List, Mostly an Oiler
Chimney Residue
Separate into Groups
Wrongful Act, Legally
Sharp Tasting; or, a Pastry
26th on TD List, Mostly a Cardinal
Not Soft
Hospital Unit
Commodity; or, Former 1st Round QB
91st on TD List, a Ram and Bear
Soldier of Love Singer; or, the Marquis
Slang for a Soccer Team
69th on TD List, a Brown
Ready to Eat
Transport, as on a Bike or Horse
Skiing's Miller; or, an Omen with 'Well'
Tree Trunk
Confident or Courageous
91st on TD List; Mostly a Jet
Friend of Frog
Laundry Unit
Borrowed Money
Animal with Multi-Colored Coat
75th on TD List, Mostly a Brown
Greenish Blue Color
Group of People
Baked Dessert
Drumming Pattern; or, Follows 'Flim'
Durant's Dunk
97th on TD List, a Brown and Lion

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