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Can you name the Shakespeare play from the limericks describing their plots?

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Who cares what the age of consent is?/Or for the opinions of parents?/The priest brings the rufees/But totally goofs--he/Does not tell the lad what the plan is.
This young man is totally emo/And comes up with a great, fool-proof scheme. Oh/But big bro is furious/His sis's death was curious/And everyone's dead by last scene-o.
This tyrant is terribly cocky/And the government's terribly rocky/His politics dirty/His wounds 'three and thirty,'/Though fictionalized, it's still shocking.
Her father is banished from Dukedom/The wrestler must run for his freedom/In drag, the girl woos him/And tricks him and fools him/Then Dad's back and there ends the conundrum.
On a mystical African isle/The banished man hones magic wiles/His beautiful spawn/Is a political pawn/And all, save the slave, end in smiles.
They all pretend not to be racist/But basically, that's what the gist is/He thinks she's cheating/So gives her a beating/And a pillow he holds where her face is.
This king's a real jerk to his daughters/Two of the three can't stand their father/The nice one, he chucks out/But too late he finds out--/His selfishness ends in her slaughter.
She cures the king's illness so swiftly/And for her reward, as a gift, he/Allows her to marry/The man of her fancy/But he hates her, and the clown's humor's filthy.
She hates her dad's choice for her marriage/And he another girl's love does disparage/Then everything's twisted/All lose inhibitions/With help from some love-sickened fairies.
His wife says he must kill the king/He murders him, but here's the thing:/The witches, they told him/He'd somehow get done in/And soon enough his head is flung.

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