The World in Summertime

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Can you name the Years when these summertime events happened?

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President Thomas Jefferson makes the Louisiana Purchase on July 5
Apollo 11 lands on the Moon on July 20
Hong Kong is given back to China from the UK on July 1
Vasco de Gama sets off on his journey to Calicut on July 8
Sporcle is incorporated on July 4
The Japanese forces surrender, ending World War II
65 Countries, including the USA, boycott these Olympics beginning on July 19
The Black Plague reaches France and England in June of this year
Declaration of Independence was signed on August 2
The Battle of Gettysburg is fought on July 1-3
Franz Ferdinand is shot on June 28 in Sarajevo, triggering World War I
The Berlin Wall is erected on June 9
Hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans on August 29, causing over $81 Billion in damages
Martin Luther King delivers his 'I Have a Dream' Speech on August 28
Indianapolis Motor Speedway opens on August 14

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