Word Ladder: A Very Long Tennis Match

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Can you name the words in this word ladder regarding a famous Wimbledon match?

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With (last rung) competitor in longest tennis match ever
Situated further to the center
Serie A team in Milan
Come in to a room
Someone who feeds themselves
Sooner rather than _____
Metric liquid measurement
Organ aiding in digestion
Like the Seine or the Mississippi
A solid metal fastener used in building
A face with masonry, used for fortification
To put back settings to factory mode
To be troubled by one thing frequently
To make someone stupid or intoxicated
Historical term for a broom
Regarding a close friend
A class of elementary particles
Chemical element #5
A low-ranking nobleman
Fried pork strips, usually eaten for breakfast
Head of House Greyjoy in A Song of Ice and Fire
Transformer attaching coaxial equipment to twisted pair cabling
Duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell
A medieval French chest for household goods
With (first rung) competitor in longest tennis match ever

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