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What Ability does Milotic have?
What TM does Crasher Wake award to victorious trainers?
In Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, what are the names of the three Pokémon Contest judges?
Which Fossil can be revived into a Shieldon?
Which Gym Leader awards the Relic Badge to victorious trainers?
Who is the Pokémon League Champion in Pokémon Emerald?
Which two Pokémon evolve when levelled up on Mt. Coronet?
Which Ability can only Lopunny have?
The only Pokémon that resist both Thunderbolt and Ice Beam are Shedinja, Magnezone and...
Morty is the Gym Leader of which city?
In Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, what is the name of Mr. Briney's Wingull that was stolen by Team Aqua/Magma?
What item is required to encounter a Spiritomb?
Which Psychic-type move raises a Pokémon's Defense and Special Defense by one stage?
What badge does Bugsy award to victorious trainers?
What was the first Generation V Pokémon to be revealed?
Name an attack type that would be super-effective against a Skuntank.
What is the most powerful Grass-type move?
In Pokémon Red/Blue, a Pokémon Trainer will trade her Tangela for which Pokémon?
Who is the Gym Leader of Canalave City?
What flavor of Poffin raises a Pokémon's Beauty condition?
Which berry reduces the damage from a super effective Fighting-type attack by 50%?
Which Dark-type move has a high critical hit ratio?
In Pokémon Gold/Silver, the Week Siblings are Sunny, Monica, Tuscany, Wesley, Frieda...
Which Ghost-type move may raise all Stats by one stage?
What TM does Brawly award to victorious trainers?
According to the Pokédex, which Pokémon is known as the Mysterious Pokémon?
Which item is required to evolve a Gligar into a Gliscor?
Pokémon can be infected with which growth-enhancing disease?
Name a Pokémon that can learn both Spikes and Stealth Rock.
Tangela must know which move in order to evolve into a Tangrowth?
In Pokémon Red/Blue, what is the President of the Pokémon Fan Club's favorite Pokémon?
What elemental type is Croagunk?
Which two Pokémon Abilities prevent Sleep status?
Name a Pokémon that can learn both Flatter and Psych Up.
Which held item cures a negative Stat change and is then consumed?
In Pokémon Crystal, who is searching for Suicune?
Which two attack types, between them, cannot be resisted by any Pokémon?
Which item can only be purchased in Mahogany Town?
What elemental type is Exeggutor?
In Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, what are the two bicycles that can be obtained from Rydel's Cycles?
In Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green, what is the archipelago that can be travelled to after defeating the Elite Four?
Name a Pokémon that can learn both Mind Reader and Sheer Cold.
Which two Pokémon Abilities double a Pokémon's Base Attack Stat?
In all Pokémon versions, what move is contained in TM 29?
In Pokémon Gold/Silver, a Lapras can found in which location on Fridays?
What elemental type is Nincada?
What are the names of the three great lakes in Sinnoh?
What is the most accurate paralysis-inducing move?
The Kanto Elite Four are Bruno, Lorelei, Lance and...
What move can only be learned by Latios?
Who is the Gym Leader of Fortree City?
Which berry raises a Pokémon's Special Attack in a pinch?
In Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, a Pokémon Trainer will trade her Corsola for which Pokémon?
Which Nature increases a Pokémon's Attack but lowers its Speed?
What move can only be learned by Heatran?
According to the Pokédex, which Pokémon is known as the Atrocious Pokémon?
The two Pokémon that evolve when traded holding a Metal Coat are Onix and...
Which Nature increases a Pokémon's Speed but lowers its Special Defense?
What are the two Abilities that Honchkrow can have?
In Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, a Pokémon Trainer will trade his Chatot for which Pokémon?
Which Ability raises a Pokémon's evasion in hail?
What badge does Erika award to victorious trainers?
The five Pokémon that require a Moon Stone to evolve are Nidorino, Nidorina, Jigglypuff, Clefairy and...
In Pokémon Gold/Silver, the Magnet Train travels between which two cities?
Which berry cures a Pokémon of Confusion?
What Ability does Torkoal have?
In Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, which item allows the user to travel underground?
Which held item raises a Pokémon's critical hit chance?
What is the most powerful Flying-type move?
Which Steel-type move never misses?
Which Nature increases a Pokémon's Defense but lowers its Attack?
Which held item slightly raises the power of Physical moves?
Which move temporarily removes its target's Ability?
Name a Pokémon that can learn both Mean Look and Baton Pass.
Which Water-type move always goes first in battle?
Which Pokémon Ability prevents indirect (like poison and sandstorm) damage?
What incense is required to breed a Mantyke?
Which item is required to evolve a Porygon2 into a Porygon-Z?
Name the two Pokémon that require a Dusk Stone to evolve.
Name a Pokémon that can learn Icicle Spear.

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