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Can you name the video games by the special moves and techniques used in them?

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Cooking Barrel, Toy Festival, Crazy Bullets
Izuna Drop, Unrivaled Soaring, Shadowless Footsteps
Pommel Strike, Riposte, Arrow of Slaying
Res Arcana, Justice Fist, Indra Bridge
Layer Storm, Round-Rip Saber, Bloody Curse
Sonic Vision, Fury Shot, Mystic
Diagonal Wipe, Iron Palm, Predictive Explosion
Stun Gun Headbutt, Tengu Stone, Rhino Horn
Flourish, Blades, Force Push
High Dragon Fire, Split Punch, Bloody Spear
Mustard Bomb, Brain Shake, Akasha Arts
Heel Crush, Tenseiken Slash, Impact Bomb
Many Many Torpedoes, Crazy Puncher, Dancing Caliper
Eagle Dive, Grand Chariot, Sonic Thrust
Beak Buster, Rat-a-Tap Rap, Talon Trot
Shadow Force, Magma Storm, Crush Grip
Arekore Poi, Inazuma Cannon, Arina Beam
Shatterheart, Red Spiral, Ruin Impendent
Might of the King, Trembling Earth, Unfortunate Remains
Catwalk, Galestorm, Cherry Bomb
Rehhyou, Inferno Divider, Sword Iris
Counter Break, Gold Rush, Beat Down
Falling Leaf, Dividing Edge, Destruction Field
Bull Revenger, Soul Spark, Daikyo Burning
Megawatt Hammer, Overload Burst, Arc Restraint
Blue Storm, Bloody Flamenco, Starlight Wish
Chain Slide Touch, Hell Bound, Galactica Phantom
Senko Chishu, Rolling Sobat, Ura-Nage
Overlap Crunch, Seething Blood, Fogey Fists
Winter Blast, Insect Swarm, Electro Bolt
Fire Cord, Power Slide, Roman Candle
Senpuretsuzan, Annu Mutsube, Tsubame Gaeshi
Silent Running, Room Sweep, Brilliance
Honeycomb Fire, Full House, Aerial Rave
Riot Blade, Tiger Break, Mirage Dive
Cotovelo, Tiger Claw Palm, Swordfish Stretch
Greatest Five, Axe Bomber, Grand Cruz
Wonderwing, Taxi Pack, Bill Drill
Burning Upper, Ryugekiken, Surprise Rose
Secret Garden, Aura Bird, Super Dangerous Giant Breaker
Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, Nayru's Love
Crosswise Cut, Shish Kebab, Desperado Attack
Ninja Bone Breaker, Bloody Throat Slit, Frontal Knife Stab
Scouting Disk, Trick Fantasy, Flametongue
Wallus, Turn-Tail, Break Hit
Gem Missile, Fire Bouquet, Lucent Beam
Rising Sparrow, Deadly Rose, Widow Maker
Deadly Raise, Aurora Revolution, Southern Cross
Hyper Viper Beam, Lunch Rush, Kinetic Card
Falcon Punch, Blaster Charge, PK Fire
Razor Wind, Fire Blast, Rock Slide
Flash Kick, Hadouken, Psycho Crusher
Point Blank, Jet-Stream, Air Trick
Flash Piston, Daiden Housui, Renkanshou
Simorgh Zal, Grinn Valesti, Dragonic Hail
Bonebreak, Pilfer, Kyrie
Raging Ache, Cherry Ronde, Mistral Edge
Aura of Denial, Cutlass Fury, Lunar Glyph
Power Bicycle, Bloody Slasher, Swaying Dodge
Piko Piko Hammer Attack, Light-Speed Dash, Propeller Flight
Dragon's Flight, Blue Streak, Acala's Wrath
Area Bomb, Spincut, Rollo Kick
Dark Lance, Dark Phantasm, Dark Hand
Bloody Rose, Spin Flare, Arrow Storm
Zigzag Spark, Dragon Crash, God Hand
Crack Shoot, Tornado Upper, Hishoken
Dance of Roses, Fist of the Norse Star, Motion of Truth
Shadow Banishment, Divine Gift, Suspended Gears
Soul Fist, Dancing Flash, Demon Cradle
Rising Flash, Dark Moon, Pit Blow
Ferocious Lunge, Ghostly Scream, Ars Arcanum
Frankensteiner, Butt Thump, Cranberry Chocolate Sundae
TJ Tremor, Endokuken, Sabrepounce
Desert Wind, Wild Thing, Shake-Shake
Flying Dragon Cut, Puffy Kick, Immortal Aura
Marseilles Roll, Emergency Combination, Messiah Kick
Weed Creeper, Cyclone Spin, Sucka Shot
Rough Divide, Burning Rave, Invincible Moon
Anki Hou, Prova Di Servo, Cool Hunting
Shuttle Loop, Rocketbarrel Boost, Angel Ring
Ground Pound, Multibonk, Shell Slam
Touchdown Wave, Guts Bullet, Bloody Nightmare
Hammer Throw, Face Crusher, Disembowel
Ally-Oop!, Twin Slash, Dead Triangle
Batclaw, Instant Takedown, Cape Stun
Bandit Revolver, Vapor Thrust, Living Lancer
Lethe Albion, Mad Zephyr, Hammersphere
Hell Axle, Windup Punch, G-Clef Cannon
Red Hot Kick, Great White Bite, Electric Blade
Lightning Rook, Go 2 Hell, Spider's Silk
Anemo Zap, Festive Wind, Pile Crusher
Landscaper, Beat Rush, Meteorain
Funky Impact, Snake Bite, Arriba Slash
Warp, Overload, Stasis
Liberate, Energy Shot, Gene Heal
Crimson Tears, Fortune's Favorite, Heavenly Wave
Snack Basket, Yoo Who Cannon, Broggy Bonker
Afro Autopsy, Lucky 13, Alpha Blade
Wandaln, Luminaire, Axiomatic
Disaster Blaster, Old School, Supa Stupid Funky Punch

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