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DefinitionTerm (abbreviations accepted in some cas
photographs of the ground from an elevated position, calibration and synchronization with LiDAR
system of databases that each contain spatial info in addition to the normal data you might associate with a tabular record system, can create many data layers
the science and art of obtaining info about an object, area, or phenomenom through the analysis of data acquired by a device that is not in contact with object, area, or phenomenom
right and wrong, principles and obligations that govern all actions and practices of institutions and individuals in society
interrelated group of technologies that allows people to collect, create, process and analyze geographical data and other related tabular data
A process to determine to what extent an EA is required. It establishes the boundaries for the EA and focuses it on relevant issues and concerns
component of GIT, using satellites and triangulation it provides highly accurate locational info that can then be placed in a geographic information system and associated with a pa
a study of the experience of the individual or community in response to a project. Context!
a process to determine whether or not a project requires an environmental assessment and to what degree the assessment is required
one of the 2 domains of ethics
components, elements, or attributes of the biophysical enviroonment that are considered to be important or valuable and merit detailed consideration in EA
DefinitionTerm (abbreviations accepted in some cas
other domain of ethics
any change that a project may cause in the environment
define personal character
a high order process by which policies, plans, programs and their alternatives are developed and assessed. It is proactive
is required for large projects that have the potential for significant adverse environmental effects, they may also generate public concerns
establishing location in terms of map projections or coordinate systems
geometrically corrected ariel photo
a series of earth observing satellite missions
determination of environmental consequences or impact of proposed projects or activities. It is a study of probable changes in various biophysical and socioeconomic characteristics
process for estimating the likelihood or probabilty of an adverse outcome or event due to pressures or changes in environmental conditions resulting from human activities
sum of effects that a project may cause

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