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Azula: 'Maybe you should worry less about the tides, who've already made up their mind about ___ ___, and worry more about me, who's still mulling it over.201 - The Avatar State
In order to force Aang into the Avatar State, General Fong threatens to hurt which character?201 - The Avatar State
According to the legend of the Cave of Two Lovers, what must you do to get through them?202 - The Cave of Two Lovers
What did Iroh do with the poisonous White Jade Plant that made him break out?202 - The Cave of Two Lovers
What 'deadly, contageous disease' did the people of Omashu pretend to have to escape the city?203 - Return To Omashu
Bumi tells Aang that his Earthbending teacher must be someone who ___, and ___, before striking.203 - Return To Omashu
A hallucination of which person does Sokka see in the Swamp?204 - The Swamp
Hue: 'Time is an illusion, and so is ___.'204 - The Swamp
Mayor Tong: 'I say what happened and then you say what happened and then I decide who’s right. That's why we call it justice. Because it's ___ ___! Hahaha!'205 - Avatar Day
Who was the town's 'glorious leader' that Avatar Kyoshi killed?205 - Avatar Day
Who is the Blind Bandit's cocky apponent who speaks of himself from a third person point of view?206 - The Blind Bandit
What was the name of the Earthbending Tournament where the gang first saw toph (The Blind Bandit)?206 - The Blind Bandit
Ursa: 'Remember this Zuko. No matter how things may seem to change, never forget ___ ___ ___.'207 - Zuko Alone
According to Azula, what did Fire Lord Azulon order Ozai to do as a punishment?207 - Zuko Alone
Who are Azula's two friends who accompany her on her hunt for the Avatar?208 - The Chase
When Toph gets angry and leaves the gang, who does she meet in the woods?208 - The Chase
What does Sokka vow he will give up if he gets out of the ground alive?209 - Bitter Work
After Zuko fails to create lightning, what does Iroh teach him to do instead?209 - Bitter Work
What is the knowledge spirit's (the giant owl's) name?210 - The Library
The gang discover an approaching event that will leave the Fire Nation defenseless. What is it?210 - The Library
Sokka: 'It's a giant mushroom... Maybe it's ___!!!'211 - The Desert
What group of people stole Appa?211 - The Desert
What two words are written on the entrance post of the Serpent's Pass?212 - The Serpent's Pass
Who does Zuko meet on the ferry ride to Ba Sing Se?212 - The Serpent's Pass
Which character nearly single-handedly takes out the 'Terra Team?'213 - The Drill
According to Toph, who in the past was able to break through the walls of Ba Sing Se?213 - The Drill
The party at the Earth King's palace is for his pet ___. (What kind of animal?)214 - City of Walls and Secrets
Speaking of what subject is punishable by law in Ba Sing Se?214 - City of Walls and Secrets
In 'The Tale of Zuko,' Zuko goes out on a date with a girl named ___.215 - The Tales of Ba Sing Se
At the end of 'The Tale of Iroh,' there's a freeze frame of him sitting under the tree at sunset. What words appear in the sky next to him?215 - The Tales of Ba Sing Se
Who finds Appa after his fight with the boarcupine?216 - Appa's Lost Days
Who captures Appa at the end of the episode?216 - Appa's Lost Days
The Dai Li (through the old man in the barn) try to make Aang believe that Appa was sent to ___ ___ ___.217 - Lake Laogai
Who sets Appa free?217 - Lake Laogai
What does the gang show the Earth King that finally makes him believe that the war is real?218 - The Earth King
Sokka: 'What's a Guru? Some kind of ___ ___?'218 - The Earth King
When Guru Pathik asks Aang what attatches him to the world, what does he think of?219 - The Guru
What does Iroh name his new tea shop?219 - The Guru
Azula: 'The fact is, they don’t know which one of us is going to be sitting on that thrown and which one is going to be bowing down. But I know. ___ ___ ___.'220 - The Crossroads of Destiny
Who helps Katara to escape the cave with Aang?220 - The Crossroads of Destiny

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