Twilight Vampires with Superpowers

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Can you name the Twilight Vampires with Superpowers?

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Can run an 'electric current' over his/her skin - offensive talent
Can sense when people are lying
Can read minds without physical contact
Sees visions of the future
Can make people see what he/she wants (and/or) blind them
Can influence the emotions of others
Best tracker in the world - senses the tenor of someone's mind and follows it
Shield - can protect the minds of anyone in his/her vicinity
Makes one feel the worst pain imaginable - can only inflict upon one person at a time
Makes everyone around him/her happy
Shield - stops people from approaching him/her
Senses the strength of relationships between people
Can sever or strengthen relationships between people
Decides what he/she wants, and 'wills' it to happen
Can sense the talents of other people
Can hear every thought a mind has ever had with one touch
Can share his/her thoughts with another through a touch
Can physically manipulate water, earth, wind and fire
Tracker; gets a feeling about his prey's whereabouts, and follows it
Lures people in with his/her beauty (only one vampire specifically does this)
Has an supernatual instict for escape and evasion
Cuts off all of a persons senses - can influence many at once;
Tracker; feels an elusive pull to what ever he/she wants, not necessarily prey

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