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What is the first thing Bella kills once she becomes a vampire?
What is the color of Renesmee's eyes?
Where did Bella first see Edward in the sun?
What was the color of the car Alice stole in Italy?
Which werewolf's last name is Ateara?
Who was the first of the Cullens that Carlisle changed into a vampire?
Who created Jasper?
Who is the forger that Alice sends Bella to in Breaking Dawn?
Who was the tracker who wanted Bella dead in Twilight?
Who is driving the van that almost killed Bella in Twilight?
Who does Bella fall most deeply in love with?
What is the name of the human receptionist in the Volturi's castle?
What was the waitress's name from the restaurant in Port Angeles?
What color eyes do all 'vegetarian' vampire's have?
What color is Jacob when he's a wolf?
Who did Sam imprint on?
Who found Emmett when he was dying?
What vampire creates an illusion of the worst pain imaginable?
Which member of the Volturi is described as having snowy white hair?
Who created the army of newborn vampires in Seattle?
What class does Bella share with Edward in Twilight?
What color are Edward's eyes the first time he see's Bella?
Who did Sam leave heartbroken when he imprinted?
Who built a Volkswagen Rabit from scratch in their garage?
What vampire can read every thought a mind has ever had with a touch?
Which vampire sees visions of the future?
What does Jacob call Mike when mocking him for getting sick during the movie in New Moon?
Where in Alaska do Tanya, and her sisters live?
What year was Edward born?
What is the name of the town Bella moves to?

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