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Can you name the lyrics of 'Part of Your World' from Disney's The Little Mermaid?

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LyricsMissing Lyrics# of Words
Look at this stuff.3
Wouldn't you think3
Wouldn't you think3
the girl who2
Look at this trove, 2
How many wonders4
Lookin around here you think,4
I've got gadgets and 2
I've got whozits and 2
Want thingamabobs.3
But who cares.3
I want1
I want to be4
I wanna see, wanna see2
walkin around on those, what do you call em?2
Flippin your fins, you don't 3
Legs are required for2
Strolling along down the, what's that word again?1
LyricsMissing Lyrics# of Words
Up where2
up where2
up where 7
Wanderin free. Wish I could be4
What would I give if I could live4
What would I pay to spend a day4
Betcha on land2
Bet they don't 3
Bright young women3
ready to1
I'm ready to know what3
Ask em my questions and3
What's a fire and 3
what's the word,1
When's it 2
Wouldn't I love, love to5
Out of the sea. Wish I could be4

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